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Driver FAQs – Accident Files

If we have an accident on a yard road that involves an injury and a tow, is that a DOT recordable?
The rule states that the vehicle must be operating on a highway/roadway (which the FMCSA defines as any roadway open to unrestricted travel by the public, whether privately or publically owned) when the accident occurs for the accident to meet their definition of an accident. If the accident did not occur on the roadway meeting the FMCSA’s definition of a highway/roadway, then no, the accident is not considered a DOT accident.

If we have an accident on a frontage road that isn't a state road or highway (federal or state), would that be DOT recordable if it involved a fatality, injury/tow, tow/citation or other?

Yes, as long as it was a public roadway (meaning that the public had unrestricted access onto the roadway, not that it was publically owned) then the accident would be considered a DOT accident if there was a fatality, injury requiring immediate treatment away from the scene, or any vehicles involved had to be towed due to disabling damage.

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